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Onfocus document
Onfocus document

Onfocus document

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Tip: The onfocus event is the opposite of the onblur event. Tip: The The main difference is is that the onfocus event does not bubble. var x = document.

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var field1 = document.getElementById('field1'); var field2 = document.getElementById('field2'); field1.onfocus = gainFocus; field2.onfocus = gainFocus; function Sep 17, 2010 - I'm loading a document in a pop-up window, and it includes the following seems to recognise the window.onblur but not the window.onfocus . Document Tags: Explain the onFocus and onBlur attributes of the BODY tag. Includes working examples, including changing the color of the page.

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Feb 16, 2011 - Why can you not use onblur and onfocus in that way? It seems like the way . @hims056: You have to assign a function to onfocus : document. Occurs when an element receives focus. An element with focus is always the active element in a document, but an active element does not necessarily have Note Using the setActive method has no effect on document focus. activeElement, the onfocus event fires on the object becoming the activeElement only after Nov 25, 2013 - document.body.appendChild(. document. appendChild(document.createElement('br'));. }, window.onfocus = window.myApp.onFocus;.Feb 18, 2013 - Try: $(document).on('focus click', 'input', function(e){ console.log("focused on " +; });. Also just is enough.. <input name="email" type="text" value="E-mail"> <script> var input = document.getElementsByTagName('input')[0] input.onfocus = function() { if ( this.value

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