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What is form post
What is form post

What is form post

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Notes on POST: Appends form-data inside the body of the HTTP request (data is not shown is in URL); Has no size limitations; Form submissions with POST

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Feb 23, 2000 - The difference between METHOD="GET" and METHOD="POST" in a FORM element in HTML is primarily defined in terms of form dataWhat is Form Post Tester/Viewer? POST Explained Forms are one of the HTML constructs allowing users to submit data to a Web server. Data sent to the Web Dec 24, 2010 - When you make a POST request, you have to encode the data that forms the body of the request in some way. HTML forms provide three Feb 22, 2010 - When an HTML form is submitted without specifying a method, what is It's GET. Take a look here. Excerpt: <!ATTLIST FORM %attrs

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Mar 4, 2015 - In many cases, the purpose of an HTML Form is to send data to a server. <form action="" method="post"> <input name="say" Dec 6, 2011 - Action normally specifies the file/page that the form is submitted to (using the method described in the method paramater (post, get etc.)) An action of Jump to Use for submitting web forms - Starting with HTML 4.0, forms can also submit data in case of a POST to the same page that the form belongs to,?Posting data -?Use for submitting web forms -?Affecting server state -?See alsoHTML form tag - HTML form with two input fields and one submit button: character_set, Specifies the character encodings that are to be used for the form submission.

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